Monday, May 11, 2009

A Perfect Day, A Great Walk, My Happy Place

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday and that their Monday was bearable!

I just got back from a walk to my happy place and seriously my favorite place in town: the library! I'm such a total bookworm that my happy places mostly consist of libraries and bookstores (with a few non-literary places as well). We recently got a newly updated library here after they had been working on it for a couple years, and now I love it even more! This town had a very small library before that had a horrible selection, nothing like the great library in the town I grew up in. But now that this one is bigger and better it has a lot more room and a lot more options, although I still have to request a lot of things.... but maybe that's just because I read strange things, lol. As a matter of face the item I picked up tonight, Eat, Pray, Love on cd, had to be ordered in from another branch.

It was a great walk too. The weather is perfect today; 70 degrees, sunny, and barely a cloud in the sky. This was actually the first time I'd walked right to the library and straight back, I usually do some more past the library, but tonight I wanted to get my walk in and get home. I knew about the decent size hill on the way to the library, but I hadn't realized there was such a big hill on the way back too. My legs were screaming at me, so I ended up just running up the hill to try to get up as quickly as I could before my legs rebelled and started kicking me or something, lol. But I did learn that this is a great way to go for a good workout!

Now I'm off to make a quick dinner, watch the season finale of Big Band Theory and then How I Met Your Mother (my new loves), and then read A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I'm supposed to be doing a little read along of this with my friends Jess and Jenny, but Jenny is a crazy speed reader and is leaving us (ok me, Jess is pretty far too) in the dust. 

Have a good night everyone!

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