Saturday, September 22, 2012


I saw this on my friend Jessica’s blog and thought it sounded like fun and I immediately wanted to play.


Just like Jessica I’m currently loving something music related – Away From the World by Dave Matthews Band. This came out on the 11th and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened to it since then. It is so good. These two songs are currently fighting it out to be my favorite:

If you watch college football you might recognize Rooftop; I know they were playing parts of it going into commercials during the Notre Dame/Michigan State game.


I’m currently re-reading Eat Pray Love. Again. I pretty much read this once a year. I adore this book and when I’m in a reading funk or just can’t find something that interests me I put this out. Sadly the Italy section is my favorite (shocker) so I find myself losing interest during India and Indonesia this time.

I have decided that I’m going to finally face my fear and tackle IT as my scary read for the fall/Halloween season. It’s pretty big and I’ve been a slow reader lately so I’ll probably start it soon.


I’m loving Go On. It was one of the few new shows I’m interested in this year and so far it isn’t disappointing. I hope it does well because I’ll be sad if it gets cancelled. I love Matthew Perry; Chandler was my favorite Friend and I really liked Fools Rush In when I was a kid (I was strange). I think he’s really great in this role and I love the supporting characters. If you haven’t watched it yet give it a try!


thinking about

November! We’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time so I’ve already started planning and thinking about numerous things – do I have the right dishes? what sides should we make? where can I find more cute placemats? do we have enough chairs? what sweets should I make? etc. Thankfully Doug is just as excited/nervous about this as I am so he’s right there with me making tons of lists and excel charts… ok, only I make excel sheets.

Also, I think I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I tried a couple of years ago and failed horribly. But a lot of m friends have been writing lately so I have a ton of support and I have a few ideas  floating around in my head. So I think I’m going for it.

Finally, November means my birthday. I’m not nearly as excited about birthdays as I used to be but my loved ones insist on acknowledging the day still ;P so what can I do? Originally I had told Doug that I wanted to go see DMB for my birthday. There was a rumor that they were going to be touring this fall and that they’d be very close to us a few weeks before my birthday. But now it seems that isn’t actually happening so I’m going to have to come up with something else. Oh, and Grux’s birthday is in November too, so we’ll have to celebrate that too.


Putting out my fall decorations. A few houses in the ‘hood already have pumpkins, mums, scarecrows, etc out but my summer flowers are still hanging in there so it feels wrong to bust out the fall stuff yet. Plus I spent enough on those dang flowers I want to get my money’s worth.


For a change. I’m a little sick of the day to day thing I’ve got going on. I want a challenge, something that really requires me to use my brain. Some days I honestly think a monkey could do my job.

making me happy

My boys. Seriously, my husband and my dog are the best things to ever happen to me. My  husband can make me laugh no matter what’s going on. He’s totally my partner in crime. Last night I stumbled on the Rolling Stone list of the top 100 artists and was reading it to him and cracking up at some of the comments we were both making. And Grux is just as good at making me feel better. I came home at lunch the other day totally stressed out and on the verge of a breakdown and he just went nuts. Running all over the place, flinging his toys around, getting in to his “I’m going to get you” crouch and then giving me this big goofy grin with his tongue hanging out. All I could do was stand in the kitchen doorway and try not to fall over from laughing so hard. So, yeah, my guys make me happy.

Also, my book club girls. Someone stumbled on to yet another fanfic that was made into a book and how much the author made so I announced that I was going to start writing fanfic (no, not really). Well, this lead to a bunch of us tweeting fake fanfic relating to a certain vampire series. In the confines of a tweet no less. I was cracking up so hard. It was fantastic. I adore my friends.

Have a great weekend!

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