Thursday, May 28, 2009

I ate leather

So last weekend Doug was off on a little vacation (yay!), so we spent the weekend running around and cooking a ton of food. Saturday we went shopping up in the "big" city north of us and found the local food co-op that I didn't know existed until recently (I'd wanted to hit the farmer's market but we were too late). The co-op was so cool, filled with bulk bins and shelves full of products I can't find in our little town, like coconut milk yogurt (like what Meghann's been talking about) and fruit leathers like I've seen all over the blog world but can never find.

These were so good. I got strawberry and Doug got raspberry. Mine was really sweet while his had a nice tartness to it. I definitely think I'll be getting these again. I haven't tried the yogurt yet, but I need to.

Saturday I also got an armband for my ipod, so I don't have to carry it or try to shove it in my pocket anymore. And it has a handy little pocket for my key, so no more putting my key onto my shoelace! I used it tonight and the key fit perfectly. I hadn't gone out for a walk/jog in almost a week because it just kept raining, so I left out the jogging tonight to try to get back into the routine without overdoing it. We're going camping next weekend for Doug's birthday and I've been hoping to use the paths and roads of the campground for some awesome long walks/jogs with a few little hills thrown in, so hopefully I'll get back into the routine soon.

The only other thing we really did last weekend was watch the Indianapolis 500. We both love the 500. We actually both went there in 2001 with our school's marching band (yes we were both band geeks). But it wasn't the most enjoyable experience. 

We stood in the rain and then the humid weather for hours before the parade they have on Saturday, I ended up having an asthma attack about halfway through the parade because we were practically running, so I had to dropout and then my director had to fight with the Indy EMTs because they wanted to take me to the hospital but I was fine after my inhaler (also they had a film crew with them, I think it was COPS, so thank goodness a 15 year old having an asthma attack isn't that interesting, I'd have hated to have been on tv in our horrible uniforms). Then we had a horrible dinner and were forced to stay for a "dance party" (even though we'd all been up for hours) at a restaurant in Indy that is no longer open, then we had a horrible long drive back to our hotel (on plain ole school buses) because they didn't want to pay to stay closer, where we got in late and had to leave early the next morning with horrible breakfasts that totally sucked. Then there was a parade around the track (which I didn't do because my asthma attack the day before had left me incredibly dizzy), but I heard it was hell because of the pitch of the track. And then the race, which was great....except I had a migraine for most of it (worst experience ever). So needless to say we are both very eager to go back and do the Indy 500 right :)

We don't have anything planned this weekend, Doug has to work, so I'll just be getting ready for our camping trip and I'll be busy being really jealous of Jess because she gets to see DMB at Fenway this weekend (lucky!).


  1. I love those fruit leathers! They are so yummy :-)

  2. Oh fruit leather is so good! I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I wish I had bought more!

  3. Turns out you didn't have much to be jealous about. Sad.


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