Friday, May 15, 2009

I Hate The Rain

I don't really hate the rain... usually. But I kind of do right now. It has rained so much lately, including Wednesday when I drove back home through a torrential downpour to get back home because I was sick, that all the rivers and creeks on my drive to work are way up at the top and the fields are now like lakes.

But the thing I really do hate is when a simple storm turns into a severe storm. I woke up at 1 am Thursday to a text from my mom saying their tornado sirens were going off and then a few minutes later ours went off. I hate tornado warnings and sirens, I get so panicky.

And tonight we're facing it again. I got home from work and turned on the news and they were talking about a severe storm, "super cells", and rotation about an hour or so north of here. It hasn't gotten here yet but it's a giant system and it's coming, which means I'm on edge for many hours tonight.

And on top of putting me on edge the storms also canceled my walk and my plans of grilling tonight, the storms pop up so fast and I didn't want to risk getting stuck a mile from home or with my shrimp just going on the grill.

So now I'm off to watch the news and try to read before I try not to blow away.

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  1. Oh Kayla, be careful! I get so freaked out by thunderstorms and lightning that I can't a imagine tornado.


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