Friday, January 15, 2010

New Job - Take 2

So remember back in August when I was all excited because I had gotten a new job? Well, I just got another one.

Let's backtrack. I started that job in the middle of the month and by mid-September I was pretty much over it. When I got the job I was hired by someone who was just filling in, the regular manager was on leave. Well, this person apparently did not know a few important things: like the fact that it was a 6 day work week for my position (I was told I'd be asked to work an occasional Saturday) and that I'd have to cover other locations at the drop of a hat (an example of this is here). Also, the benefits are horrible - no doctors here take the insurance (the company is based in another state where doctors take it), the pay sucks, and I hate working with only 1 person or (even worse) by myself.

Plus, and this is really my own fault, I didn't know exactly what the company did - I had an idea but didn't know everything - and I really disagreed with the company's rules and procedures. For example, there were certain words you weren't allowed to say and anytime one of those words would come out I'd get lectured by my manager and my coworker (more commonly known around here as "the evil one"), it's just absurd to me that simple words are "forbidden", maybe that's just the journalist in me (three cheers for freedom of speech!). Also I just had some major issues with the way the company works, basically the parts of what they do that I didn't know. I think they screw people over pretty badly and I hated being a part of that.

So I'd been looking for a while now but hadn't had any luck.... until last month! A job appeared in our local paper and my mom and my mother-in-law encouraged me to apply for it - so I did. It's not in PR/marketing/or journalism (what I went to school for) - but those jobs are pretty much nonexistent here and it does use the skills I learned studying those areas. Anyhow, I applied for it on a Wednesday night and had a call Thursday morning asking me to come in and test, so I did the following Tuesday. I finished testing at 9:30 am and had a call to set up an interview by 1 pm that day. I interviewed right before Christmas and had to wait until the first full week after New Years to find out - but it was worth it because they offered me the job! It's a customer service type position at a local branch of a major company and from what I can tell it sounds like an incredible place to work. I start at the end of this month!

So back to the job formerly known as my great new job. That company doesn't allow 2 week notice because they think you will steal from them if you are planning to leave (at least according to the evil one), so I had planned to wait until right before I started my new job to give my notice. But, Doug reminded me of how long it's been since I had any real time off - our honeymoon more than 2 years ago! - and said I should take a little time off before the new job. So, I gave my notice this morning and will spend the next week relaxing, working on our house, and getting ready for what I'm really hoping will be a great experience. Oh, and catching up on blogs too - I'm so behind! And maybe looking for some freelance writing gigs.

So, cross your fingers that this job is better!

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  1. Congrats! That sounds so awesome. I'm starting a new job on Monday actually! I just posted a brief description on my blog.

    Also, if you want to, email me where exactly you're going to work. I'd love to know . . .

    Enjoy your week off!! That sounds awesome!!


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