Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not a Brazilian Dancer

So apparently at the start of the year Fit TV launched some new shows. I set the dvr to record some of them that sounded interesting. The first one I recorded was an episode of Bollywood Dance Workout.... and I quickly deleted it. It had all these facial moves and funny grunts and sounds right at the beginning and I knew I couldn't do it. I can't feel stupid while I'm trying to workout (even though the only one here was the dog), I just can't do it - I just totally shut down.

The other one was an episode of Dance and Be Fit. It featured a Brazilian dance called the Capoeira. This was sooooo hard! I took dance lessons when I was a kid but nothing can prepare you for this. I really think the instructor was on something with the way she was going soooo fast and was jumping soooo high and kicking soooo much. I could.not.keep.up. It was fun and was definitely a great workout, but I felt so completely uncoordinated and geeky, as if I was in high school and was trying to keep up with the dance team while in my color guard uniform (don't laugh!) - but seriously I just felt completely in over my head!

So, lesson here? Brazilian dancer is coming off the list of potential things I want to be when I grow up. And I think I'll stick to walking/running and yoga... and the occasional episode of Shimmy (I've got to keep in touch with my totally uncoordinated side somehow!) ;)

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