Thursday, January 21, 2010

G Loves Harry

One of my big loves is the Harry Potter series... books, movies - I love them all. My love is so strong (nerdy?) that I even have a Harry Potter blanket. I've had it for years, I think I got it when the second or third movie was just coming out. It's just a small fleece blanket from Wal-Mart, but I love it and curl up with it on the couch every night now (we're trying to keep our heating bill down, which is hard with all the cold temps we had recently).

Know who else loves Harry? Grux. When I'm not watching he loves to grab the blanket and curl up with it. He chewed a small hole in it one day, which you would think means he hates it but he loves to chew on anything he loves: toys, his blanket, his bed, us....

I snapped this one day while he was napping. Isn't it cute? Maybe this weekend we'll both curl up with it and watch Half-Blood Prince.

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