Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting the Year off Sick

It always seems like I have the best intentions when I set out with new goals but then something pops up to get in my way. In this case it's a nasty cold. So long plans to start the year off with a weekend spent working on the house, reading, and getting a good workout in. Hello weekend spent feeling like my head is going to explode.... or at least like I want it to.

I started feeling kinda crummy on Thursday, but I was really hoping it would go away. But as Friday went on I knew I was officially, without a doubt sick. Boo.

I know it is possible to workout while sick, but I can't breathe through my nose at all and my chest is so congested that I feel like someone is grabbing my lungs and squeezing - so I'm pretty sure working out is not a good idea (plus I have asthma and currently don't have an inhaler - so definitely not a good idea to start breathing heavy right now).

I have gotten some work done around the house though. I have all the decorations off of the tree and just need Doug to get home from work to help me put the tree away. And I also have a blog post written for Central Cooking (watch for it in the morning), so that's a good step in terms of my 2010 Pledges. Now I'm off to work on bills and meal planning (two things I'm not very good at staying on top of and that should have probably been addressed in my 2010 pledges.... although maybe they can go under the health one - keeping up on those things reduces my stress! lol). Then I'm off to pass out on the couch again.

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