Friday, January 7, 2011

Song of the Week (1/3/11 – 1/6/11)

Ok first it still feels really strange to write ‘11. Second sorry for no SotW post last week. Between it being a short week and me being sick and taking another day off plus either not having my headphones on or being in such a cold-medicine fog I didn’t realize there was music playing I really didn’t have a song last week.

But now I’m back with the first Song of the Week for 2010 2011.

Song of the Week: Break Free by Dave Matthews Band. From Live Trax Vol. 6: Fenway Park. We’ve talked about my DMB love before (herehereherehere – and, of course, Grux). So it’s no surprise that I picked a DMB song – the only surprise is that it took this long! This has not been the best week ever – post-holiday blues, still trying to shake the last of my cold, and stressful days at work – and it all has had me running for my ear buds to get lost in some good music. And I’ve seriously been craving this song. I know that sounds really odd but the other day I just had to listen to this. And you know what? It helped. This is one of my all-time favorite songs – by the band and in general. I love the lyrics. I love the instrumental sections. I love the tempo changes. I love, well, everything about this song. I’ve never gotten to see this one live (maybe someday) but I know it would be wicked awesome. It is on YouTube though and there are quite a few videos to pick from.

So, there you have. The first Song of the Week for the year. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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