Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So last night was my first Zumba class…. and I loved it! Seriously, at one point I caught myself smiling --- SMILING while working out. The old me didn’t realize that was possible.

It was such a great workout. I left there sweaty and tired but feeling great. And it totally kicked my butt, I was ready for bed by 8 last night. I was a little worried that since it has been years since I took a dance class and I’ve never taken a fitness class before that it might be too much but it ended up being fine.

The instructor was great too. Before class started she did a little head count and discovered that I was the only newbie (lovely). So she explained quickly what the class would be like and told me that I didn’t need to worry about getting everything right away and to not even worry about doing any arm movements at first, just focus on the steps. And during the class at various points she showed options for some moves based on how intense you wanted to be (basically beginner, middle, and Fitnessista level lol). I thought this was so helpful and kept me from getting overwhelmed – plus I noticed that I wasn’t the only one doing the simpler moves.

I did end up doing a lot of the arm moves though. At many points they just came naturally to me – especially in the hip hop section (I LOVE hip hop dance). I didn’t want to miss out on the arm workout and really it only took a second to get most of the footwork, so it wasn’t a big deal.

And everyone in the class was really nice. A couple people in the class go every night it is offered – so they are Zumba-ing it up 5 times a week. One lady who talked to me during a water break was saying how she loves to be able to come and have fun and get in a great workout surrounded by other people instead of sweating it out alone. I think I agree with her. Class was way more fun than the treadmill ever is.

I do need to admit that I definitely feel it today though! I woke up thinking “not too bad!” but as the day has progressed I am feeling it more and more. The front of my hip hurts and kind of along the side thanks to lunges I think. Plus I definitely feel the arm moves we did in my shoulders. But I love it because it’s just a reminder that I’m moving my body and discovering muscles I forgot I had.

So I will definitely be sticking with Zumba. I’m signed up for Tuesday nights for the rest of the month and actually kind of wish I would have signed up for Thursdays too. And I will be signing up for next month too (my gym does monthly sign ups). I’m not sure if I’ll stick to one day a week or do two – there’s another dance class I’m thinking about taking. But I’m really excited to keep going with this and can’t wait to shake my tail feathers next week.

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  1. It's awesome that you found something you like. Everyone where I work is obsessed with Zumba. They've tried to drag me along, but honestly, I'm pretty certain I'd have an anxiety attack and it wouldn't be worth it. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.

  2. Hooray! Zumba is such a blast. I love that you were smiling. It just doesn't feel like a workout until you wake up the next day and your legs hurt and you discover muscles you haven't used in a while.


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