Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Journal Day 6: 20 Of My Favorite Things

Welcome to blog journal #6 :P

I have a feeling picking 20 things may be hard (we all know that picking 1 has proven to be difficult for me!)

So, here we go! (I totally say that like Mario from the Mario Brothers Wii game I have, lol)

1. My husband and my dog. They make every single day great.

2. My family - by blood, marriage, and friendship.

3. Reading. You should see my poor bookcases, I have issues.

4. Magazines. I realize they aren't exactly eco-friendly but I love reading them, looking at them, holding them. I wanted to write for them growing up, so I think that explains the love.

5. Sweet tea. Yum.

6. Pumpkin.... anything. Love it. Want it.

7. Sewing. It is my newest hobby and I adore it.

8. Decorating. Also a newer hobby now that the house is in order. Also, I've discovered that a little more room + actually having a few bucks after paying bills = decorating being more fun.

9. Babies/toddlers/little kids. Not in a creepy way. I love kids. I have issues with talking to adults, I freeze up. But give me 5 minutes with a youngin' and we'll be bffs in no time.

10. Gilmore Girls and Big Bang Theory. See earlier posts.

11. Dave Matthews Band. The only band I'd ever consider throwing away my life and following around the world.

12. Yoga. Nothing describes the feeling of finally getting a new move down. And they're all new to me.

13. My ipod. Putting in earbuds and tuning out the people around me = bliss.

14. My new dSLR. Photography is a not-so-new hobby for me but one that I absolutely love.

15. Baking. Love is making cookies for your favorite people. Satisfaction is hearing them go "ohhhh my goodness" upon their first bite.

16. Writing. My outlet. My passion. My love. And I love that no matter how much I ignore it I know it will welcome me back with open arms.

17. Learning. I wish I could go back to school. I want to go. Right now. I adore learning new things and hope that is something I can pass on to my children. And the more obscure the thing I'm learning the better. Have I ever told you that I learned how to load a canon when I was 5?

18. Blogs. I have to know what is going on with everybody at all times, I'm annoying like that. I want to know what is going on with you - yes you! So blogs give me that window into other people's worlds that I so crave.

19. Fall. Love it all. The cooler temps. The breezes. The beautiful leaves. College football (Ill-ini!!). Pumpkins! Apples! Mums. Halloween. Thanksgiving. My birthday. Love.it.all.

20. My online buddies. You all are awesome :P And inside jokes among online buds = perfect.

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