Monday, August 10, 2009


Meet our furbaby, Grux.
Doug and I met Grux the Wednesday before we went to Indy, so July 29, and officially adopted him when we got back on Sunday, August 2. This is what has kept me so busy the last week and kept me from updating.

It's been a very fun but challenging week. We've been trying to get him used to going outside, hanging with us, not running after every small animal outside, and (most importantly) going to the bathroom outside. It's taking a lot of work. But it's totally worth it.

We found Grux (or, the pup formerly known as Sparky) on Petfinder (by the way, I totally recommend Petfinder!). He was at a nearby Humane Society and we could not resist his picture. He looked like such a happy, fun dog. We actually looked at it before we moved and were surprised to see that he was still available. We weren't planning to get a dog quite so soon, but we just could not resist him.

We went to meet him and the second they let him out of the room he ran right to Doug. Then he ran around saying hi to every person and animal (a cat and a bunch of brand new puppies) in the room. We were instantly smitten. We told them that we wanted him and asked about picking him up Sunday - the lady was more than happy to accommodate us because she was so happy that he was getting a home.
Even before we got him he was the most spoiled dog ever. We found a Petsmart near our hotel and bought him some toys, Doug's mom bought him a toy, and so did Doug's aunt who was up from Alabama. Seriously, this dog is not lacking in toys.

We picked him up on Sunday and learned his tale: he was rescued by the HS from the local pound (they are sure if he was picked up or abandoned), where he was about to be put down. It makes me so sad to think of my little ball of energy being so close to being gone, he's just too sweet! So we brought him home and took him on the tour of town to both of our parents' houses. Then that night Doug's bff and his fiance (aka the puppy uncle and aunt) came over to see him. Less than a week later he's also been to my bff's house (puppy aunt also). This dog loves to meet people and absolutely adores car rides. He's a great fit for us!

Oh and a lot of people have asked about the name. Grux is actually part of the title of the newest DMB album: Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. We think it's a cool word, and it was the nickname of a cool man, and it seems fitting since we got him around our DMB trip. The name seems to fit him and he already responds to it.

So, that's why I've been MIA lately, but now that he's settled in a bit I'll be back more. And expect to see lots of Grux in the future.


  1. Oh he is so cute! A dog changes your life!

  2. Awww he's adorable! Congrats :-)

  3. Um yea, Grux is a waaaaay better name than Sparky! :)
    Also, his cousin Murray would like to meet him when he gets better!


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