Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Important Packing

So I packed a few boxes while Doug was at work tonight. I boxed up some of my cds (Doug's planning to do the rest tomorrow), put aside our DMB cds because I figure we'll want to know where those are because of the concert, packed some books, and then packed this box of very important items:
My Harry Potter and Twilight books! I finished my re-read of the HP series last week so that I could be sure to pack them all together. This is the first box of books I'm planning to unpack, I've mentally had these placed on the bookcase in our new house pretty much since we got the offer approved, lol.

Oh and don't worry, this isn't very heavy. It's a fairly small box, these are the only things in it, and 2 of the Twilight books and 3 of the HP books are paperbacks. And I also rearranged a little after I took this pic, I flipped the paperback Twilight and New Moon so they were spine down so the pages wouldn't get bent. Don't want to hurt my books!


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