Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Five 11/25/11


1. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I think it is the foodie in me. We spent the day with Doug’s parents and grandma at his grandma’s house. After we ate father-in-law worked on some to-do list items and then we all set about putting up grandma’s Christmas decorations. Then tonight I made Doug & I are own little Thanksgiving because we wanted to have leftovers to eat for a while. I made a ham, corn casserole (mother-in-law's recipe), green bean casserole (Doug’s request), and mashed potatoes and gravy (my request). Plus we had oatmeal pie and my mom sent me home today with an entire pumpkin pie. Thanks mom!

2. I went to the mall this morning way after the crazy people had been there and gone. I don’t really do Black Friday but there were a few things that some people on my list wanted to I ventured out around 10 a.m. and got every thing I wanted. I saved over $90 at JcPenny today. I think that’s pretty impressive!

3. We put up our outside Christmas lights today (I’ll have to get a pic) and I’m glad we did. I really had not been feeling the Christmas feeling this year, not sure why really. Luckily digging through the boxes of decorations and seeing the house all lit up has helped.

4. I worked overtime every day this week. I even worked a 9 and a half day on Wednesday including working a shift 2 hours later than what I usually work so we had coverage until closing time. It sucked a little but it got me brownie points and overtime paychecks are very nice!

5. I stopped by my parents’ house today (when they sent me home with pie) and my dad said he had a Christmas gift idea for me. He disappeared down the hall and then came back with a very beat up 8 track. He said that it didn’t really play anymore (yes, he still has a player) and said he would love the album on CD if I could find it. Then he warned that it would probably be impossible to find. I told him I’d see what I could do. Then after he’d left the room I told my mom I’d get it no problem. I logged on to Amazon and found the cd in about 2 minutes. My dad doesn’t really know much about Amazon or online shopping, can you tell? lol. I was happy because I had a different lighting deal item in my cart and had 12 minutes to go find the cd. Go me!

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  1. Ha! Love the story about your dad...too cute! Oatmeal pie sounds delicious!


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