Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five–Birthday Edition 11/18/11


1. Happy birthday to me! I’m actually not all the gung-ho about my birthday this year. After my freak out last year I’m sort of over the whole birthday thing. I used to be very “hey everyone, today is my birthday!” but I really haven’t mentioned it much this year. Um, except here I guess.

2. Doug got me the Breaking Dawn soundtrack for my birthday. As corny and awkward as the movies can be I think the music is always really good. I’m bummed that there isn’t any Muse on this one though. I think the cd is really good though. And I must admit there were a few times when listening to it that I went “wonder what part this song plays during?” Sarah and I are going to see the movie Sunday, so I guess I’ll find out then.

3. I bought a bottle of Essie Little Brown Dress today with some of my bday money. I’ve loved this color for a year or so now but could never bring myself to spend the money for it. But Doug encouraged me to get it if I wanted it so I went to Walgreens today and got the last bottle they had. I just painted my nails with it and I have to say that I now understand why people pay so much money for for polish. I usually buy the cheap $1-2 bottles at Walmart and I can so tell a difference between the cheaper products and Essie. The coverage is so much better. And I love this color. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the brown on but it is gorgeous.

4. One of the highlights of my day was finishing Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. I think I’ll probably review it on here but I absolutely loved it. I thought it was fantastic.

5. I went to a local clothing store today to try on some jeans because my mom wanted birthday and Christmas ideas for her and my grandma and they like to buy me clothes and all I really need this year is a new pair of jeans. But I had no idea what size I need now. So I went out and tried some on and I’m down another size! Happy day, indeed! I tried on the size I’ve been wearing (which I knew was too big) and the next size down and the smaller size is perfect. I’m very happy and I’m going back to zumba now so I see this trend continuing. Go me!

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