Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Five 2/3/12

1. Wow, an actual Friday Five post – shocking! I blame the bazillion hours of overtime I’ve been working for my lack of posting. We’ve seriously had overtime all but 2 weeks since Thanksgiving. I’m so drained and so over being in the office. I’m sick of the site of my cube walls.

2. Even with all the overtime I’ve still been making time to hit the gym. My gym is doing this challenge where you get a point for every 30 minutes of exercise you do and each week you have to have a certain number of points and the total increases each week. This is week 3 and so far so good! I’ve been going to zumba class twice a week, hitting the treadmill, and I started using some of the weight machines. This weekend the gym is starting a cardio kickboxing class and I’m planning on going. My zumba instructor went to the trial class and she said it was hard but awesome. So I’ll report back if I actually make it and survive!

3. I’ve also been managing to get some reading in. So far I’ve read 5 books – including my first book for the Presidential Challenge. I’m currently reading The Paris Wife and then I’m going to start the next president book. It is pretty big so I’m a little nervous!

4. I just watched the first episode of Big Bang Theory with Amy Farrah Fowler. I really like her character and think she is hilarious. Bazinga!

5. I’m excited for the Super Bowl. Not because I like either team (I don’t) but because it is Indianapolis – which I love. It sounds like Indy has been doing a great job so far with all the pre-game activities (have you seen the zipline?!) and they’ve even included IndyCars by painting them up in NFL team colors. I really wish I could go and check everything out!


Anyone planning to watch the game? Who are you rooting for?

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