Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five 1/6/12


1. I’m so glad it is Friday. We’ve had mandatory overtime at work this week and it has really worn me out. I pulled 10 hour day today and then ran around for 2 hours running errands (with more to do tomorrow) and I am so beat. But I’m trying to stay awake to hang out with Doug tonight. I think it may take more tea…. Also, since I’m so worn out, the rest of this post will be mostly photos.

2.  This is what I’m reading right now. I am really loving it. So good!

3. This was one of our presents from my parents. I drink a ton of tea (see #1) and it is so handy to have this to make a quick pitcher of yummy goodness.

4. This is one of my favorite zumba routines. We haven’t done it in a while but my instructor brought it back Tuesday night which made me very happy. I have no idea who any of these people are but the routine is basically the same one we do.

5. Tweets and pictures are starting to pop up on Twitter from some of the IndyCar drivers I follow about getting ready for the upcoming season. This makes me very happy! The season (and the highlight –May!) isn’t all that far away now!!

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