Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Am Weak



Kendal Knot Wedge

See those? Those are the Kendal Knot Wedge by American Eagle at Payless. Those are not my usual shoe. I’m a ballet flats, Toms, running shoe kind of girl. I’m klutzy and have a hard enough time walking in a straight line barefoot.

So why am I showing these to you? Because I love them. I first saw them on a fashion board I visit – they were posted by someone as an option similar to Kate Middleton’s wedges she was wearing the day after the Royal Wedding. For some reason I fell in love with Kate’s shoes – and my wallet fell for this (much) cheaper option. But I resisted. Clearly I could tell that these shoes were not for me. I mean just looking at that wedge makes me feel wobbly. So I tried to push them out of my head.

But it didn’t work. I didn’t run right out to Payless – mainly because I almost never go to the mall. But they were still in my head. So yesterday after Doug had gone to work and I was heading out to the grocery store I decided to stop by the mall and try these on – fully thinking that I’d try them on and realize it just wasn’t a match made in heaven.

So I stopped. And then I hunted for a shoe that would fit. Apparently I’m losing most of my weight in my feet – this is the second time I’ve had to try on a smaller size. It’s so strange! Anyway I hunted through the racks and at first it looked like I wasn’t even going to be able to try these on. But then there they were – in an 8 1/2 – which is apparently my new size. I put them on and –huzzah! – they were perfect. The were comfortable, they made me feel tall, they looked awesome – crap.

I walked around in them longer than you’re probably really supposed to, just waiting for my feel to start to hurt – they didn’t. Then the salesgirl mentioned how cute they are – thanks, hadn’t noticed. So then I tried my standard test – asking myself if I would regret leaving them in the store – I realized I would. Then I tried to figure out where I’d wear them – work and anywhere slightly dressy this summer since I don’t really have any dressy summer shoes any more. Oh and did I mention they were on sale? Sigh.

So…. I spent yesterday afternoon walking around my house trying to make sure that I won’t fall and break my neck wearing these to work. And I’m amazed to say that they feel great and I seem to be ok in them. It’s been a long time since I’ve worn heels or wedges. High school actually I think. These feel like grown up shoes to me, much more mature than the skater shows I’ve been wearing. So much for my willpower.

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  1. I'm not generally a wedge-kinda gal, but these are definitely cute!


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