Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogs for Dogs

So I think that Brie from Brie Fit is an inspiration when it comes to healthy living. But today I think she’s an inspiration as an all around good person.

As a fellow Midwestern girl I share Brie’s pain when hearing about the devastation in Joplin. And as a fellow pet lover I share a love of animals and a feeling of sadness when I think about all the animals impacted by the storms. Personally one of my first concerns when the weather turns is Grux – is he home alone? is he freaking out? is his leash handy? And I know that I would want to know he was taken care of if anything were to happen if I wasn’t around.

And that’s why I think it is so awesome that Brie has put together Blogs for Dogs. She’s set up an Amazon wish list for the Joplin Humane Society. It is so easy – just click here, look at the wish list, pick an item, pay for it and Amazon will send it right to the Humane Society. It takes no time at all! And the items on the list have been requested directly so you know they’ll be used. There are multiple price points on the list so there’s something for everyone.

And even  if you can’t afford to buy something you can help out by spreading the word. Tell your blog readers, your Twitter followers, and your Facebook friends. The animals of Joplin deserve it!

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