Friday, December 10, 2010

Song of the Week (12/6/10 – 12/10/10)

Welcome to Week 2 of Song of the Week (I did something 2 weeks in a row, go me!). Anyway, a few songs found themselves on repeat this week. The two from last week were still feeling the love, but there was some new blood too.

This week’s song continues the Glee theme. It’s actually from last week’s episode where the went to sectionals. I love Santana, totally adore her – she’s so delightful and evil. And has a killer voice. But if I could have anyone’s talent I would want to dance like Brittney. I love to dance but I’m not very good – but would love to be able to dance like in Valerie. Seriously, loved the music and loved the dancing. So, with all of that, Valerie is this week’s top song.


Christmas song of the Week – I haven’t been listening to Christmas music as much this year as I usually do. But one song I have been listening to is Jessica Simpson’s version of Carol of the Bells. She does a good job on it and I think it’s pretty enjoyable.

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