Thursday, December 2, 2010

Song of the Week (11/29/10 – 12/3/10)

So I had this idea last night for a new series of blog posts (yes, I realize my track record with posts like this, so let’s just see how this goes, lol). Anyway – I listen to my iPod almost the entire day at work. I am surrounded by people at my new desk and it can be very loud. So I crank up my music to tune them out – otherwise I end up listening to the conversations around me and get really distracted.

So with listening to music the entire work day - plus at the gym, while in the kitchen, etc – that’s a lot of music. And I tend to have a bit of an obsessive personality – meaning when something strikes my fancy I hit it hard. As in, when I’m really into a song or artist I tend to listen to it a lot.

So I figured this post would be a good idea – I can share what I’m digging at the moment and hopefully you guys can share what you’re listening to – I love to get new ideas. I like pretty much everything musically, so be prepared for some random items. Like the 2 songs I’ve been feeling this week :)

Songs of the Week:

Song number one I’m sure a lot of you know: I’m Singing In The Rain/Umbrella mash up on Glee. That’s right, the episode featuring Gwyneth Paltrow. My Glee love has faded a little bit this season but I really like this song and it has seen a lot of love on the ole iPod.

Song number two: And I Waited by Hanson. Wait! Don’t leave and/or die laughing at me! Let me explain. Ok so the other day I was adding some Christmas songs on iTunes and I went to see what was on the old Hanson Christmas cd. Well I saw that they had a new album and, since I was bored, decided to listen to the clips of the cd. To my surprise, I really liked what I heard! So I downloaded one song, listened to it a lot, and then went back and got the whole thing. I listened to it at work Monday and instantly fell in love with And I Waited. I love the beat, I love the words, I love the rhythm, I love the vocals (I think I saw somewhere that it is the youngest brother (Zac) singing).

And I ended up doing a little Google work and discovered that I’ve missed a lot with Hanson. They no longer look like this:

They now look like this:

Um, what? When did that happen. (Also, they all have really hot wives. It’s kind of weird).

So, while I know I just lost some musical street cred (heck, I lost some with myself, lol). I’m really digging the music and will definitely continue to rock out with it. So, judge if you will but if you’re brave enough you should go check them out on iTunes. (And on a serious note, check out all their philanthropic efforts – very impressive.)

So readers, what songs have had you rocking out this week?

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