Friday, December 17, 2010

Song of the Week (12/13/10 – 12/17/10)

There was a lot going on at work this week so I didn’t have the iPod on as much as usual. When I did have “my ears” (as it is said at work – as in “do you have your ears in?”) I just had it on shuffle mostly, so some different songs popped up that hadn’t gotten a lot of play. Which is how I fell in love with this week’s song, which I randomly downloaded after listening to the clip because I liked the title (and yes, I judge books by their covers also, lol).

Song of the Week: Crazy Beautiful by Hanson (from the album Underneath). Yep, another Hanson song already. I really am liking their stuff. I’m bummed that I didn’t listen to them for a while, their stuff is very well written, the melodies are great, and I love all of there voices. This song has great melody lines throughout. I love the changes in it. And there’s actually an acoustic version too that they did in concert that is incredible (here it is on YouTube). I just think this is a groovy little song and definitely worth the 99 cents.

Album cover. Source

Christmas song of the week – Donde Esta Santa Claus? by Guster. First of all, I LOVE Guster (if you don’t know who they are – look here). Guster is such a great band (and they put on an awesome live show) and this is such a fun little song. Definitely look it up on iTunes, you’ll find yourself singing (and shouting) along with it in no time.


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