Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decorating: Fall Decor

Some of the newest additions to my Google Reader have been decorating blogs. Now that the house is pretty much all in order I'm really excited to finally get to decorate. And since Fall is my favorite season I'm loving all the fall decorating posts that have been showing up. So I thought I'd join the trend and give you a look at what I'm doing to make the house look good during my favorite months.

My in laws got us some lovely decorations toward the end of last fall when they went on vacation. I adore this little pumpkin - for some reason I get a Cinderella's pumpkin coach vibe from it. The little candle inside is a little battery operated tea light. The back side of this actually have a turkey image on it (I'll get a pick when I put out my turkey day stuff - promise), so when November gets here I'll just turn it around.
I actually picked this up at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for $1.00. The little old lady who it belonged to was really happy I was getting it - she actually said "oh good! someone is buying my planter!" Cute, right? I saw it as soon as we got out of the car and loved it right away because to me it looks pumpkin-ish, so I had to have it. I think I want to get some small gourds to put in it but I haven't had a chance yet.
These are also from my in law's vacation last year. I love them, I think they are so cute. They are a deep orange color with a little bit of a black-ish tint to them. I have them on this awesome window-shelf we have between our kitchen and living room (I need to show you all this!) so you can see them from all sides.
I got this a few weeks ago when Doug and I went shopping. It's from Prairie Gardens (I think this is a Midwest chain maybe?) I loved this as soon as I saw it. It is such a simple, clean item and a new take on using a pumpkin as decor without it being the traditional item. That's actually a deep purple (formerly raspberry scented but too old to smell) candle inside that I've had forever. I wanted an orange candle at first but already had the purple, so I just went with it.
I actually just got these today - from the Dollar Tree! The plan is to take something at least - either the 2 small ones or the bigger pumpkin (it's a candy bowl) to work to decorate my cube. A couple girls were decorating yesterday and told my friend and I about the great finds they got from DT - so I had to check it out when I went out that way to grocery shop today. I might take all 3 to work and just see what fits and then decide. And whatever doesn't go in the cube will find a home as my casa - I can't have an orphaned pumpkin - I love them too much!
So that's a quick look at some of what I've got. I'll have more coming soon - including some incredible pieces made by my very own in laws!

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