Thursday, September 2, 2010

In The Bag

I stopped at the store on my way home from work today to grab a couple of things. The store I was at has these little cards you can get and have scanned whenever you use a reusable bag - for every so many times the card is scanned you get a dollar in store coupons.

So the girl asks if I have a store discount card and I say "yes and I have the bag and card too" and point to the bag and card and put it on the counter. So she scans my items, my discount card, and my shopping bag card. Then she goes "did you want this stuff in the bag?"

Seriously? Um, that's kind of the point, isn't it? Yeah, I do.

Anyone else hear questions like this when they use reusable bags?


  1. No, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone else with them at walmart. And I hate when the baggers put 3 things in each. They are a lot sturdier than that!

  2. I think I've seen 1 person with them at Wal-Mart - and no one with them at this store. Which I don't get because they sell really cute and cheap bags and are always sold out, lol.

    I actually had a conversation with a cashier at our local grocery store about how annoying it is when people do the 3 things in the bag routine. I do the self checkout at Wal-Mart and stuff those bags so full :P


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