Monday, November 1, 2010


I love November. Love it.

The weather, football, Thanksgiving, having the anticipation of the holidays without the overwhelming holy-crap-I-only-have-x-number-of-days-left feeling, letting my inner nerd out to make Thanksgiving menus and plans and lists of everything Christmas related. I love it all. Plus it helps that I have a lot of time off scheduled this month. While so many of my coworkers were using their vacation days when it was 90 degrees out I’ve been squirreling mine away to use this month. Yippee!

There’s also my birthday. Typically I would be like “17 days left! woohoo!” but this year I’m kinda freaking out about turning the big 2-5 so it is more like “only 17 days of being 24? ::sob::” I’m having what I’m calling a Quarter Life Crisis, but that’s really a topic for another day.

But even with the bday conundrum I’m still really happy that it is November. Anyone else love this time of year?

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