Sunday, April 25, 2010


on my shoulders makes me happy......

Oh, sorry :)
I've been loving the awesome spring weather we had here recently: perfect temps, lovely breezes, and tons of sunshine. It's been wicked awesome. And to make it even feel spring like here on the bloggy, Breanne at Bella Vita - aka my running partner with the adorable daughter - has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award (I like to use fancy words like bestowed when I think the English major Bre may be reading, lol).

The point of this award (as I understand it) is to pass this along to a blogger (or bloggers) that you check in on frequently who bring a little sunshine into your life. Sweet, right? So, with that in mind, I would like to pass this pretty little thing on to:

Jcam of my freakin awesome blog. Besides the fact that this girl ad I share a deep love of DMB and books and she taught me to say "wicked" as an adjective, she's also incredible funny and now has a totally cute baby bump to boot.

I'd also like to pass this on to Jenny at What the blog? for being wicked funny, sarcastic, smart, a major book lover, and for teaching me what a snarf is.

And to Meredith at Balance for MEre for being such an awesome source of inspiration. And for having such a cute dog.


  1. Thank you lady for the award. I am posting the announcement of it on Wed afternoon.

  2. Wicked awesome, love it! haha. Thank you for the award!


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