Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Could Walk 500 Miles

Well, I could, but apparently it would take me awhile.

When I started my new job they gave us all pedometers as a welcome gift from the wellness division (would it surprise you right now if I mentioned that I work in an offshoot of health care?). Well, I brought it home that first day and sat it on my desk. The other morning I just happened to see it sitting there and decided on a whim to wear it and have done so a few times since.

Let's just say the numbers have been much lower than I expected. I already knew that it would be lower than the recommended 10,000 steps, but I didn't expect to only get a quarter of that amount the first day. And when the second day was even worse I was really sad. How am I this sedentary? How?? Today has been better but that's mainly because I spent the morning hitting some local stores with the fam instead of sitting at a computer all day.

So I realize that I really need to do something about this. Thankfully it is warming up here and the giant piles of snow are almost totally gone, so I should be able to start walking Grux in the evening now, without either of us freezing or having to climb massive snow mountains, which should encourage our walks to be longer. Plus we're planning to check out a local gym soon, so that's good.

I think I'm going to keep up wearing my new accessory to keep an eye on how I'm doing, and I'll be sure to report back: there's no better motivation than putting things out on the Internet for strangers to read. :)


  1. Good for you!

    There is definitely something about the warmer weather and fitness motivation. The best two weeks I've gone to the gym 4 or 5 nights a week, so I'm feeling pretty motivated!

    I'll provide some extra motivation for you, if you'll do the same for me. :-)

    Wasn't today a GORGEOUS day, though??

  2. I'm doing a study on walking thru the local university.

    It has been eye-opening, in a bad way, about how little exercise I get.

  3. You know you can always come over to our house and we can take the babies on walks, fur babies and people babies. :)

  4. Good thing to think about - I got one for free the other day and should probably give it a try!


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