Monday, April 18, 2011

Earth Day 2011–Resources

I thought for Earth Day this year I’d do some posts on the ways that I’m trying to go green and the resources I use. I’m far from being totally green (or even as green as I’d like to be) but Doug does call me his Hippie Wife sometimes, so I guess I’m doing something right.

I thought I’d keep it easy and start with some of my favorite resources in case anyone was looking for ideas for Earth Day on the 22nd.

Eco-lovers on Twitter

Sprout’s Green Family

New York Times Green Blog

Green Mamas Pad


Jen and Joey Go Green

Green Mom Mel

Blogs – A lot of the blogs I follow are mama blogs. I’m not totally sure why this is. Probably because I found one (Valley Girl) and then just found the others by following blog lists and links from one blog to the next. But they have tips and tricks anyone can use, and if it is something just baby/kid related I just file it away in my brain for future use.

Jen and Joey Go Green

The Eco-Friendly Family


Groovy Green Livin

Valley Girl Has Baby Goes Crunchy

Sprout’s Green Family

The Green Phone Booth

*Special note – my buddy Jenny at What The Blog? just did a great post about cloth diapering her trio. I definitely marked this one for future reference. And check out the money saving math she did – amazing!!

Web sites

National Geographic – The Green Guide



Filter For Good

Earth Day Network

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